How to make the right tattoo decision

The fascinating tattoo designs by artist never fail to amaze many people especial tattoos that originated from Asia. There are many beautiful tribes notable in the Asia region particularly the Dulong, Li people in Island of Hainan and Dai tribe of China, and the Paiwan tribe of Taiwan. In recent days, many people choose to adopt this tattoo designs, and it is even more incredibly popular in the America and Europe. The body location combine with the design makes fantastic tattoos for you; however, some people find it difficult to decide the design of tattoo to ink and which part of the body it will be.

Both men and women have many design options to choose, but it becomes a daunting take to choose which location of their body they would prefer to ink it. Tattoos are permanent, and you would want to have the right place ink, so you don’t live to regret it. The two most important decisions when planning a new tattoo is the INK and LOCATION. Therefore it is paramount to take time in making the right decision.


There are varieties of tattoo designs available; you can check through top quality artwork or the catalog of your preferred tattoo artist to get the initial idea or option to make. These designs can be done with one ink or multiple inks; however, since tattoos is a personal choice, it is better not to choose any design but pick a design that has some significance to you. You have the choice to pick designs that are perfect for one ink or multicolor. If you are confused and unsure of which one you want; the artist you choose can help you with advice and recommendations. It is part of tattoo professional’s duty to guide their customers to making the right decision of ink.


If it is your first time to ink a tattoo. It is paramount to know that there are parts of the body that are generally painful than the other when inking. The flesh area such as the chest, upper arm or back is less painful than part of the body that is bony such as the ankle. Also, large size and multicolor design mean that any pain that comes with it has to be endured for a longer period of inking. And if you want to ink tattoo that is temporary, you will need to choose an area of the body that you will do tattoo cover up in future. Depending if you are a man or woman, there are best place to get tattoo on woman and still a best place to get a tattoo for a guy.


Another factor that can influence your decision on the part of the body to ink your tattoo is the size. It is important to know the size of the tattoo as it will draw you a step closer to the exact location you will ink your tattoo. Large tattoos are most likely are found on the chest, back, legs and sleeves and small tattoos on the face, ankle, wrist, foot, and any other part of the body.


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