Tattoo is dated back to centuries when it is seen as a basic symbol of tribal art or identity of a particular tribe. It is used to separate class of people. Till date, some people or tribe still hold on to it as their culture especially in South America, Asian and Africa. Many people have their different reason for tattoos, some of this tattoo are based on many superstitious streaks, to get intimate with the gods they worship, some for spiritual protection or defense, a mere fashion and so on. In today’s world, tattoo designs are stylish fashion; artists display their creativity to improve tattoo as innovation evolves. From the music and movie industry to the general entertainment industry, many of the big stars that you see have tattoos; and not left out is the sportsmen and women as well as the average people on the street. There are many types of tattoo to choose from. But, there are two major factors that most people take into consideration before the artist gets started; Personal Preferences and Tastes. The best tattoo artists in the world ink and do their artistic work with passion. Here are factors to consider if you are getting ready for your first tattoo.

Artist: You must ensure that you have one of the best tattoos that have the necessary skills and experience to work on your body. A professional tattoo artist will discuss your needs and share his thoughts and opinion about the tattoo you intend to do and help you choose the best design and color that fits you. Generally, a professional tattoo artist will give recommendation base on the level of experience and creative ability.

Cost: Experience and skills of tattoo artists play a significant role in their service cost. Most professional tattoo artists charge on an hourly basis and this makes the tattoo expensive. Although the cost of tattoo may seem expensive, some artists still ensure that their service is made affordable to their customers by rendering flat rate services. Also, other artists discount service to promote their new designs. Some fact also determines the cost and the size: The larger the tattoo, the more expensive the cost of the tattoo. Why? Large size consumes more resources and time than small size; however, there are rare cases where small size may be costlier probably because it may entail complex design. Another factor that could influence the cost of your tattoo is color. It is cheaper to use one color than multiple colors.

How to get the Best Tattoo

There are many discreet places to get tattoos and the best place to get a tattoo that won’t hurt is from a professional tattoo artist. If you are looking for a cheap tattoo artist, do remember the “you get what you pay for.” It is best you look for an affordable professional artist to get your tattoo ink with an assurance that you are safe from injury. You can search on Google for “the best tattoo artist near me” to get the list of tattoo artist available in your location.


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