Bathing suit weather will be here before you know it. If you want a sexy new tattoo to show off, now’s the time to get your ink done!

Tattoos must heal correctly, or else all that hard work may get ruined. And you can’t get new designs wet for risk of infection.

While it’s still too cold to enjoy the outdoors, now’s the time to get your new favorite design. But what’s the best location to have done?

As a local tattoo shop Duluth GA, the question of what the best tattoo’s locations are is a frequented one. Below are a few of our top places to get your new ink completed.


Answering with the wrist usually gets met with confusion at first. However, it makes sense if you think about it.

Most communication occurs nonverbally. For instance, if a woman is interested in someone, they subconsciously show their wrists.

Men expose their wrists quite often as well. That can be the extra boost you need to get their attention finally!

Having a tattoo on your wrist helps snap their focus to an understated part of the body. A simple text-based design might send the right signals!


There’s something about art along the ribs that makes someone stand out. A surprising bonus is that this design is relatively unisex.

If you have a sporty body type, then script, numbers, or flowers and vines stand out. Other designs to consider are small animal-based tatts or pieces that connect to the back.

Its versatility is what makes rib prints such a hit. Whether you’re looking for a small accent or a loud statement, rib tattoos are the way to go.

Another factor to weigh is the amount of usable workspace. Your side has a lot of real estate to work on, making it a little more straightforward for the artist.

On the other hand, your side is one of the softer areas of your torso. If you’re exceptionally sensitive to pain, you may want to discuss these tattoos further before settling on it.

Another variation that may hurt slightly less is just above the hip . Although you may have to skip wearing jeans for a while, the finished effect does look hot!


Is there anything cuter than a tatt on someone’s shoulder? These tattoos create a youthful vibe, and when they peak out from under a sweatshirt, it’s very charming.

This design is a favorited choice because it looks fashionable in any weather. Show off your shoulders in a bathing suit or let it appear when you take off your coat!

Shoulder tattoos blend sexy and cute in one convenient design. Perfect for making the most of a smaller budget!

Lower Skull/Upper Neck

If you want to get scientific about it, the region of the back of your head is called the occiput. But basically, the nape of your neck just before your hairline begins.

Why choose this part of all places? Isn’t it hidden?

For many people, that’s precisely the point. It’s all business when your hair is down, and loud and proud when it’s pinned up.

Mainly, it’s like a mullet, but it’s not terrible. But it can be a pleasant surprise on a date when your special someone catches sight of it for the first time!

If you think your hair is a bit too long to achieve the desired effect, you can always shoot a little lower. The center of your shoulders can be an equally useful spot.

Upper Chest

The area where your neck meets your chest is an attractive place that many of our clients prefer. Many women prefer to have a flower-based design here, although this spot is relatively design-friendly.

Maybe because it’s the most canvas-like out all these body parts, or it’s just front and center. Either way, this tattoo location makes quite the statement!

Men can benefit from this tattoo spot as well. If you’re trying to show off your pecs, consider at least a small print in the area.

For any other design questions, contact us at Tattoo Fiesta. Let us find the perfect new design for you!

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