Cover Up

Tattoo cover up for that old mistake!

You need a solution for tattoos that you have grown to dislike overtime and wish you had never decided to get on your body Or maybe you need a forearm tattoo cover up sleeve to get rid of that heart with your ex-boyfriend’s name on it? No matter what your reasons may be, we can help. Our professional artists are fully trained and equipped in tattoo cover up. Our experienced artists are committed to replicating their success- leveraging their creative skills to cover tattoos. No matter the darkest spot or tattoos, our tattoo artists have the knowledge on how to cover a tattoo with another tattoo. We believe you deserve the confidence and comfort of  having ink art on your body that you love.

Cover tattoos with tattoos!

Are you tired or unhappy with your old tattoos and want to cover tattoos with tattoos?  You don’t want to live with that old tattoo that’s faded; you can cover tattoos with tattoos that will excite you. We will help you find the design that will do.

 You can rely on our artists expertise to save the situation with a tattoo cover up. We provide cost effective tattoos to cover old tattoos as an option to laser-removal treatment which is very expensive for clients who are not willing or cannot shell out big bucks and customers that want a quick and efficient tattoo change.

Thinking about laser removal?

Why spend thousands of dollars on getting laser removal services that take a long time to complete and heal, and will cost you a small fortune. Our artists are equipped with extensive experience in covering or transforming existing body art into really beautiful tattoos that you can be proud of. You can communicate with your artist on any ideas or new tattoo that you would like to transform the old one into, and he will make sure your new tattoo is something that you will love and cherish for many years to come.


Our small team of professional artists is ever-ready to leverage on their experiences and replicate their success to providing the best services in tattoo cover up for clients that want to either cover tattoo or get rid of tattoo by covering with a new tattoo. We have artists that have honed their talents, skills and are extremely passionate about what they do.

When it comes to tattoo cover up or using tattoo to cover tattoo, we are your best option.

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