of The Body

Or the art of paying money to get legally stabbed…

Body piercing has increasingly become more popular today from nostrils to ears, to nipples, genitals, navels, tongues, cheeks and much more. Different piercing has their different reasons; some pierce due to religion, some for fashion or self-expression. It doesn’t matter why you are getting a piercing; we give you the best all the time.

One of our specialties at Tattoo Fiesta is body piercings; we do piercing in different areas of the body including the nostrils, ears, nipples, genitals, navels, tongues and much more. We have a piercing room that is very private just for those who want to pierce intimate areas.

We place priority on safety and you having a pleasant piercing experience, so we make use of a trained team of piercing experts who are competent in disinfecting the work area and sterilizing all necessary equipment. We use sterile needles which are disposable, sterile piercing instruments and jewelry.  We know minors like to get piercings but we stick to the county laws, and it is illegal for us to give you a piercing without parental authorization. Come along with a parent or guardian with a Government issued ID. You can get in touch with us for more details.

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