This form states that I am 18 years of age or older. I have no medical problems that might harm me as a result of being tattooed or pierced by TATTOO FIESTA or any of its employees. I am aware that I am responsible for the care of my tattoo and/or body piercing after leaving this establishment. I understand that a tattoo is the permanent insertion of a pigment in a carrier fluid under the skin and there is a risk of allergic reaction when receiving a tattoo.

  1. I am not under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  2. I have no medical, physical or mental disabilities that may affect my well-being as a result of my decision to have any tattoo or piercing work done at this time.
  3. I am not pregnant or suspected to be pregnant.
  4. I am not taking any blood thinning medication, nor do I have any heart condition
  5. I agree that any touch up work needed due to my own negligence will be done at my own expense.
  6. I understand that if my skin color is dark, the color of my tattoo will not be as bright as on light skin.

Being of sound mind and body, I hereby release any and all persons representing TATTOO FIESTA from all responsibility, and I also accept all consequences that might arise from my decision to have any tattoo/piercing related work done on me.
MM slash DD slash YYYY
MM slash DD slash YYYY
Max. file size: 256 MB.
Once all the sterile material is opened a minimum charge of $60.00 for piercing or $100.00 for tattoos will be charged if customer decides not to get any work.
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