The one part we all look forward to each tax season is whether or not we receive a refund from old Uncle Sam. Unfortunately, once we see a check for a few hundred bucks, the question becomes what to buy with it?

Sure, you could be responsible and save it or put it towards a home repair you’ve been putting off. But if you don’t do something fun with that refund, what’s the point?

When you need to treat yourself to a tax season surprise, why not get some ink? If you’ve ever kicked a design idea around but don’t know when to get it done, maybe using your tax return to get a tattoo is your best bet.

Unexpected Windfall

We all love getting tats done. But arm art isn’t cheap!

Most of us just don’t have wallets that match our tastes. But with a few extra bucks lying around, now might be the time to bite the bullet.

Besides, it’s winter outside, giving you ample time to heal up before summer comes. In fact, April 17th may be the unofficial start to your Spring Break kickoff!

You’re Not Paying Out of Pocket

Sometimes, when you’re trying to pin down a tattoo artist, it starts feeling like you’re purchasing a car. You meet with them, discuss the design, talk about costs, and then you’re squirreling away every dime you can find.

You may think you know what a tattoo is going to run, only to be shocked once finished. Knowing you can pay for it without worrying is a top deciding factor.

If you’ve been living off of peanut butter sandwiches for the past month to save up for your new ink, you can finally stop punishing yourself. Use the refund to get a tattoo, and maybe grab a burger while you’re out

You’re Still Recovering from Christmas

I don’t know who’s in charge of deciding which holidays appear during what times, but my bank account hates them. Here it is February, and I’m still paying off Christmas.

It seems as if from Halloween on, you’re spending a fortune on everyone who isn’t you. And if you’re unfortunate enough to have a winter birthday, you’ve likely had to combine presents, meaning one for both events.

You’ve been good long enough, and Santa still has a few months to get situated vanitygen. Forget the gift giving attitude and focus on providing yourself something for once!

It’s Already a Thing

If you think you’re the first one to consider using their tax refund at the tattoo parlor, you’re behind the times. The trend has already been going on for years, and it’s the tattoo community’s little-known secret.

If it feels as if your favorite ink joint stays slammed until the summer, there’s a good reason for that. When everyone has some disposable money before beach season, you know they’re getting fresh art.

You’re Probably Going to Miss Valentine’s Day

February is the shortest month of the year. And yet, they still place that relationship trap of a holiday smack dab in the middle!

Look, there are fewer days to keep up with everything running through our heads during long months. How can I expect to keep up with a greeting card holiday on top of that?

But one way to turn a goose egg into surprise is taking your significant other to get that tattoo they keep discussing. If you think about it, it’s the perfect out for when you spaced on your big day.

Even they’re mad you haven’t dropped them some chocolates and roses, just take them to the ink den. Tell them you were holding off, and it was all part of the act.

You Can Count on It

If you almost always get the same refund check, or you maintain the same job year to year, you can practically guarantee that you’re getting a nest egg in the mail. Because you can nearly know for sure that you’re getting a few hundred at the same time each year, it makes it simple to schedule your artist.

Even if it isn’t quite what you were expecting, it should still be enough to have a decent outline at least. You can always wait until the next tax refund to fill it in!

Whether you need to focus on piecing it together over time, or you’ve been waiting to knock it out all at once, having an unexpected check in the mail certainly helps. Stop into Tattoo Fiesta today and put that tax refund to good use!

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