Established 2001

Established 2001

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Tattoo Fiesta is one of the leading tattoo and body piercing shops in Duluth, GA. Our mission is to give our clients the best services and be the best in the Tattoo industry. We have creative and expert body piercers and tattoo artists in Atlanta who are highly skilled in tattooing, body piercing, and tattoo cover-ups, using top-notch modern equipment. Tattoo Fiesta is known for using different styles of eclectic tattooing, cutting-edge products, and body jewelry.

We keep up with the latest trends and tattoo ideas in the body art and body piercing industry. For us, we don’t just make a beautiful custom tattoo for you; we give you a memorable experience. When you look good in your tattoos, we look good also. Our aim is to provide top-quality services so you can spread the word and keep coming back.




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You can tell who a person is by his tattoos, because a tattoo tells a story about the person. A person’s meaning to life, beliefs, and opinions can be seen in the art on his body. The art of tattooing has become so popular that many people get tattooed to earn respect and attention of others.

Have you ever wondered why people choose to have certain tattoo design?

​When you get a tattoo with a design you choose yourself, it has more meaning than any ready-drawn tattoos. The tattoos you customize yourself are done with the colors, sizes and the patterns you want.

They bring you extreme satisfaction. There is nothing as being satisfied every time you see your tattoo. This feeling lasts as long as the tattoo stays in your body.

You Have a Free Choice. The good thing about getting a tattoo is that you can choose from any design you want, your tattoo artist can only suggest to you, but in the long run, it is still your choice. You can also make an adjustment to your tattoo to make it look even better than before and to suit your specifications and taste.

They are Original. Most already made designs can be replicated online; some artists just change the color and pattern to make it look different. When it comes to a tattoo, you want something unique to you knowing it will stay on you forever. Stand out by getting your tattoo done specifically for you.

Makes You Unique. Everyone is created to be different either in attitude, attributes or appearance. Bring out the uniqueness in you by getting a custom made tattoo.

You are Happy on a long-term. The reason why many remain happy with their tattoo is because they get a custom made tattoo. People who get tattoo spontaneously, especially ready designed ones, eventually find out they do not like it after a long time. When you put an effort into designing your tattoo you will be happier.

Gives You Respect and Self-Worth. People with tattoos have a different aspect to life and confidence in themselves. Great tattoos help boost your confidence and bring you the respect of others, and also brings you independence.




Tattoo Fiesta will help bring your ideas to reality with our highly skilled tattoo experts in Atlanta. Tattoos last a lifetime, so getting one means it has to look really good and be exactly what you want. We are here to make sure you get the best custom tattoo just for you.


Portraits are representations of people in the form of art, where the focus is on the face and its expression with the aim of showing the person’s personality, mood and feelings. We at Tattoo Fiesta know that most tattoo portraits are for loved ones, so respect is a must for us.

Cover Up Tattoos

Cover up tattoos are a great way to get rid of old unwanted ink, aging tattoos that have lost color and definition, also to hide tattoos that are now seen as “mistakes”

body piercing

One of our specialties at Tattoo Fiesta is body piercings; we do piercing in different areas of the body including the nostrils, ears, nipples, genitals, navels, tongues and much more. We have a piercing room that is very private just for those who want to pierce intimate areas.

micro dermals

There are some areas of the body that are not suitable for regular jewelry, getting a micro dermal piercing can let you wear flat jewelry or gems in those areas. The jewelry is placed under your skin gently, your skin then sticks to the jewelry allowing it to stay in one place.

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